Your Marketable Business Skills 

It can be a challenge when you’re looking at yourself trying to figure out what your marketable skills might be. What could you sell online or elsewhere that would help you create an income that is sustainable?

For many women, this is the first hurdle to creating a life that suits them rather than going from one soulless position to another.

(I may have some experience with that particular habit)

What are marketable skills?

Marketable skills are anything that you can do that you can then sell to someone else. I think that women often get caught up in this place of not knowing their value, not seeing themselves as the world sees them. What we often forget is the fact that we all have skills and many of them are marketable. 

How do you find your marketable skills?

There are many exercises that you can go through to learn how to figure out your marketable skills. I think the first thing that you need to know is that there is a need for services or items that we may never have thought of.

The exercise to help you identify your superpower

Once we decide nothing is off the table then we begin to create a brainstorming session with ourselves that will allow for our creativity to come through. If you take a piece of paper (or download the exercise I have here)


Let’s set aside the idea that anyone else is ever going to see this piece of paper. Act as if you were someone who absolutely loved and adored you and write down what they would seen as your skills.

1) Write down every job you have ever done, even if they are all the same, write out each position you can think of that you did for any significant amount of time.

2) Write down every task you’ve ever done in any job you’ve ever been in.

You will likely see that you have way more skills than you ever thought possible. The risk is here is that we downplay our experience and ability.

3) Go through the list and put together common skills. So you might group organization and spreadsheets in the same column or you might group dog walking and agility training in the same group.

What you are doing in this part of the exercise is looking at where the majority of your skills lay. Once you have done that something is going to emerge that will be your top group of skills.

It is important to remember at this point in the exercise that you may or may not love what you’re finding. The fact of the matter is we typically stick to things that we know or do well. It is in our best interest to do this, in particular when we’re working for other people.

While you may want to be a florist your skills may actually live in sales. And while these are not mutually exclusive skills it certainly means that if you have more experience with success in sales, that might be where your superpower is.   It would also indicate where you are most likely to create income the quickest.

This does not mean that you cannot create something out of your lesser experience skills it just means it’ll take more time. 

Resist the urge to decide what your superpower is until you complete the exercise.

4) Once you have the list broken down into similar categories you will see a pattern of skills.  Those are likely your marketable skills.

Those patterns of skills is what you want to focus on.  From those skills you can start to think about what you do that others will want to pay you for.  For every person out there with skill there are 10 others who need your talent.  Don’t be afraid to go out and sell them!

Don’t want to go it alone?  Book a 1 hour call with me and I will help you sort out your marketable skills.