Women; Middle age in business 

There can be many obstacles between women and creating that business in middle age.  There is also an invitation to capitalize on the amazing power that rises to the surface for many women at this stage in life.  So why are more women not doing it?Women in midlife are in the best position for a career change.  In this time of our lives, things are changing that we don’t control, a career change is something we can control.

What does a mid-life business look like for women?

I started my first business when I was 18.  With no idea what I was doing, I only knew that I wanted to work my own hours and not have to answer to anyone else.   It started with cleaning homes, then I hired cleaners and sent them out to do the heavy lifting while I drummed up more clients!  Had I been more on the ball in my teens I would have realized that I had a talent and that is what I should have focused on.  Instead, I just kept working in fields I did not love, doing jobs that were just ok.That was the beginning of what I call serial entrepreneurship, I just can’t help myself I am so full of ideas!  I also never quit trying different things and on many levels, this held me back.  What I did not understand until a few years ago was that I many marketable skills and just needed to promote them in the correct way.As I moved into middle age I realized that I had never built anything more than a half-decent job, never an actual business.  What I had done over my 30-year career was to support other people who were building companies and not jobs.Now that I have taken the leap, my life is very different.  I decided what skill I wanted to hone in on.  Figure out who would benefit from those skills and started selling them.  With the internet, there are so many more possibilities for creating a business or just a little extra income. There is no need to be tied down someone else’s idea of working for a living.

Nothing wrong with making a career out of working for others instead of creating a business

I have a pal who has been very successful at working for others.  She understood her value early on.  I recall one day when we were having lunch and she said to me “just decide what you are worth and demand that”.  How simple and juicy that sounded to me.  She also said during that conversation, “people pay you what you believe you are worth not what they think”.  I was like huh?  She went onto explain that she built her entire career working for Fortune 500 companies on one little business diploma.  No need to create a business in her middle age because she was established leaving her career.   My friend had something many of us do not.

A willingness to believe you can create your own business midlife is essential

She also worked her butt off and learned all she could and kept applying and re-applying her learning in one field.  Not unlike what is required for starting and running your own business. She worked both as an employee and as a contractor.  After she retired she continued to get offers because she had honed her skills and companies put a lot of value on that.  Nowadays, she picks and chooses what, how long and for how much she works.  She has built financial security and that is the key to real freedom.

It is usually uncertainty that will challenge women with career changes

Not knowing for sure what your superpower is.  Possibly knowing what your good at but not understanding the value of those skills.  Income uncertainty will keep women from making a change late in life.  Too many women are already ill-prepared for their later years.  These and many other reasons (some excuses too) will keep women from starting that business in their middle age.   The truth is that women in middle age are more equipped to start a business than they think.  Emotions are a powerful tool and affect our bottom line whether you are in business for your self or working a job.
Feeling financially insecure will motivate some and stop others
We are not all created equal for sure.  For some, myself included it takes time to find your self worth and value your skills.  For others, they may have the skills and know it, but lack the belief that they can sell it.Whatever your situation, just know that it does not have to be all or nothing.  The internet has made it so easy to create the way you want.  You can create a business while you work a job.  Start a little contracting gig for other small businesses.  Become a virtual assistant and many other things.If you want a short white report you can grab HERE to learn about some of the more popular ways to get started.I love what Gary Vee Says about age, the internet and business.  It is never too late!If you do grab that report above, you will be on the VIP list for the March launch.  I am putting a program out that will help women find their focus, set up their structure and learn to sell it.  All for the less than the price of lunch.Grab that report and don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams.