Why going with your gut works in business and life 

As a contractor, I have worked with many different people and businesses.  Sometimes it goes well and sometimes not as much, this is why going with your gut is so important.  Listening to my gut always pays off. Going with my gut for decision making has supported me in life and in business.

What is a gut feeling?

Simply put, a gut feeling is your intuition on alert with the intention to raise your consciousness and inform you in a particular situation.  I generally try to stick to my gut feelings, when I don’t I am quickly reminded of why I need too! Going into business online in middle age has been driven by what I know in my gut.

Gut feelings can inform you in life and business

Have you ever been out walking someplace and you get that feeling that you should not be where you are? Or been speeding down the hwy and all of a sudden your gut says slow down?  I have experienced that situation many times, only to see the police shortly after.  In business, I usually trust my gut but when I don’t.

The price I pay when I don’t trust my gut

Recently I was asked to come on board with a company, full time as a contractor.  I had an inkling that this may not be the best course of action.  Instead, I proposed a 3-week contract to see how things went.  Well, the 3 weeks did not go fantastic but I am a trooper so the kept going when I was again approached 2 weeks in to firm up an agreement for long term.  Everything in my gut said don’t do it.  I did do it for various reasons and the price was high.  I was not able to do the job as I would have liked, I experienced extreme anxiety I believe because I knew in my gut I should not have been working with this company.

What my gut notices before I do

My gut instinct seems to run a tally.  The things I hear that I do not agree with, I may let it go but my gut keeps score.  So that when I see or hear the next thing in a business that I am not aligned with, my gut adds it to the pile of red flags.  This creates anxiety for me, when I am trying to work with a company that is not a good fit for me.

Trust your gut, it will guide you

My gut has supported me for as long as I can remember, in business and in my life.  Many years ago I will in a self-improvement seminar when a counselor whom I respected greatly, told the group that our gut cannot be trusted.  In my head, I understood what he meant but also knew that statement would not stop me from trusting my gut.The consequences in business and in my life are swift and often painful when I don’t trust my gut.  The next time your gut is screaming at you to turn away, listen.  Even in the face of what should make sense for you in business or life, take a moment to hear that voice.  Let your gut help you decide what to do. I, for one, have always faired better when I just listen to my gut because it has answers I may not have entertained without my gut ques.