Where and how to begin your first online business 

Years ago, while I was slaving away at work and dreaming out where and how to begin my first online business, I was totally overwhelmed by the thought.  I knew what I wanted in terms of my life but how to generate income online was a total mystery to me.I could see all these strangers online with their perfect teeth and tidy color-coded office spaces making perfectly edited videos, (a skill I have yet to master).  All I could think was, WTH are they selling.  Come to learn many years later that the wrapping was pretty much all many of them had.  Loads of people online were not doing anything.  Yes, of course, there were many doing well but not as many as I thought!

So what did I do to start my first online business?

With no clue as to what I was doing, I just started doing.  I had a great bunch of content about personal credit and wanted to share it.  I toyed with many ideas I saw online, webpages, memberships, online stores. Nothing seemed like a fit.  So I wrote a book about credit, how to get it right or fix it when it was wrong.  Then I set out to sell it.  A 9.99 it had to be a win right?  Flopped, totally, I think I sold 3?  This was a direct result of my not understanding this online thing.  How it really worked and what I actually needed to make money!

The paralyzation of the brain when first starting an online business:

What happens to many (in our heads anyway) is that we freeze, often not about the what, but rather the how.There are endless ideas and if we are not stopping ourselves with negative self-talk such as comparison to others. Then there is the soul-sucking, “not good enough” invasion of thoughts.Many more for me and others but the bottom line is this if we let our fear and brain chatter get in the way of all things outside of our comfort zone, then where would we be…childless perhaps?

Starting your first online business comes down to training

Not just any training, the right training at the right time for where you currently are.  I have spent a bundle on training over the years and this overwhelming thought just keeps coming back, “I don’t know enough”.   So many women I know feel this way.  We keep going back to that stream for more knowledge when we really need the right training.

It does not matter what your online business is, there are basics to learn

Most of my work is done with business systems, foundations, and key procedures.  Many businesses I have worked for failed to set up these from the onset, then they attempt to do it after the fact.  Enterpenualiship is tricky, we want to run out and make something happen and sometimes do.  That falls apart or stunts growth when the lack of foundation creates roadblocks.Starting any new business is hard, but online it is crazy!  If you don’t find a way to stay focused and on track, shinny penny syndrome will ruin you.

The right online training at the right time

There are dozens of people out there teaching bits and pieces and others teaching how to get from D to F or whatever.  What I am talking about is the actual foundations.  I did not start at the beginning because I could not find anyone to walk me from point A to B!There are software programs, funnels, sales pages, copywriting, and lingo, soooo much lingo!  These are the things that will get in your way if you don’t learn the basics first.We have made it our mission to ensure that our friends, the women, middle-aged, second career, smart but sometimes menopausal, get the right kind of foundations.  We don’t operate like 20-year-olds and we sure as shit don’t learn like them!If you have an idea and are trying to figure out where and how to start your first online business, join us on Facebook for all our free training.  Like the business page and we will invite you to the group.  We also have an excellent Youtube channel that provides tutorials and common brain hacks!Don’t wait to act on that idea you have, just please, let’s start at the beginning and save yourself a world of hurt!