What you need to know to start online 

Starting out online can be daunting but not if you know the basics!I recall when I first started out.  I knew almost no tech, had no clue what people where doing or how to start.   There was another obstacle I noticed right off, my age.

Starting online at a certain age

Did it matter? I was not really sure, I had just turned 50 when I dove in and started paddling.  Some days. it was really hard and other days I felt so darn good.  I would try something, fail, then try again and get it.  I look back now at all I have learned and realize that the only failure would have been quitting.  What you need to know is that no, your age does not matter in the least.  You think you are an exception, looking at the young population, but even that is changing quickly.  Trust me, it is never too late.

Starting an online business will try your patients

It’s true, it can be frustrating, things change much faster than in the bricks and motor world.  Styles change, rules change, what works changes.  The biggest lesson I have learned, and only in the last couple of years is this.  Find someone who makes sense to your ears, moves at a pace you can follow and you will learn what you need to.  Of course, you should follow me, but if you don’t, find someone who you understand and then make sure they know what they are talking about.  If your wondering, I teach this stuff from the foundations, the beginning.

When you first start online, be wary of the Guru’s

“How will I know?”  That is a bit tricky.  There are several big names out there who you may be tempted to follow with a cult-like love.  The truth is many of the big-name guru’s have much to teach, but may not be for you, yet.  This is the thing you need to know about starting online; no matter where you are there is someone you can learn from and someone you can teach.I love Tony Robbins but he does not have anything to teach me about working online if I am just starting.  I have learned a ton of stuff from Russel Brunson ( I even profile his books. I am an affiliate because they are valuable for learning) but he is not the person I have learned to do the functional work from.  I learned lots about marketing, sales process and building a following from him.  When it came to building my business, I had to follow a few before I found someone who was way back at the starting line with me.  When starting out online, start at the start following someone who will take you from there.

Starting out online is just that, starting

It has to be said, if someone tells you, just do this or buy that and become a millionaire, RUN!  I get that no one really believes that crap but it’s out there and sometimes marketing can be very convincing!  So if you decide to give online a try, start at the beginning, learning the basics.  I wish I had done this, I dropped someplace between second and third base, fell apart then went to the beginning.  It is tempting to try to skip steps but don’t.  Even for me, with 30 years of business experience, I thought I knew more than I actually did.  When you start online, accept the fact that you won’t know much in the beginning and that’s ok!

When you start out online you may down in the lingo

This is true in many industries.  When I first started as a mortgage broker I remember sitting at a board room table more than once frantically writing down all the words I did not understand!  Again, this is ok.  The lingo can be kinda fun and when you start online you are going to want to learn the lingo!  Watch my blog for an upcoming post on some of the most common lingo and what it all means.  Actually, subscribe and you will get it directly to your inbox!No matter what, the important thing to remember when you are first starting online, be kind to yourself!You can also grab a copy of Discovering Possibilities HERE. I put a little guide together for you.