What a difference 6 months can make! 

Growing up I saw my parents struggle. With everything from money to relationships and jobs.
My siblings and I would be sent off to school at beginning of year without all or any of our supplies. I recall getting clothing hand me downs from the mean girl in my school because our parents were friends. I know that as a kid it bothered me and sometimes was down right humiliating. I overheard many arguments between my parents more often than not, about money.
One summer day I had come home and found my parents sitting at the kitchen table, arguing and smoking. They told me the water had been shut off and the bill needed to be paid.
“They close at 4, so run and get there before they close.” Years after running as fast as I could to make sure we were not out of water for the weekend I now realize the stunning patterns I was growing in light of my environment.
I have recently come to understand that one moment in time taught me so much about money and how it works in life.
This one incident more than any other taught me that I will always have “just” enough money to get by. I do think there were other situations that played into this permanent state of lack in my consciousness.
So what do you do with a brain whose frequency is lack instead of abundance?
I have been thinking about this a lot these past few months. At the moment, looking at a major amount (like in the 20K range) of dental work that needs to be done. I know I can find a way to make it work, as I always do. It just brings to front the question of why am I always “making it work” instead of living in abundance…..
Funny thing about this blog is that I started it back in January 2019, when I was super stressed about money and the role it was playing in my world.
Today, six months later, I logged on to write a blog and going to my draft folder, I found this half written experience. I am not sure why I did not finish it but I suspect it is because I had not yet found the answer, or the conclusion to my thought.
I was just talking with a friend and explaining the shift in my thinking and how big a difference this has made in my business and thus, my income.
I realized a few months ago that I had to let go the how and just focus, not on the destination, as so often preached by the “manifesting gurus” but focus instead on being open to the universe finding the right fit for my talents.
I began having these great conversations about business and systems and the struggles people have in their business. All the things I have knowledge about and know how to implement for others. The conversations were not about what I could do for them but rather what they needed.
Once I started really listening, instead of telling people what I do I started to see opportunities to help people in their business. Only then would I talk about what I do for people, again not in a sales way but in a “what do you need” kind of way.
The transformation in my business and as a result, my income has been amazing. I am no longer thinking about the money but the art of my work. No longer thinking about how I am going to pay for everything but now focusing on how much joy I am getting from practicing my superpower out in the world.
I struggle to articulate this shift and how it came about, it was not really conscious but instead came out of the frustration and exhaustion of “trying to figure it out”
Instead I just started listening for the opportunity to support the people I most wanted to work with.
I am not suggesting that it is not work or it is some kind of magic pill, no, that is not the case. I will say that the moment I chose to be open to however the universe wanted to use my skills was the exact day I started building relationships that have lead to business.
Open to the possibility that things can be different is my new best friend!
 My new best friend has taught me a new lesson, it need not be so hard!
How has your business been treating you? Are you struggling to make headway or find your superpower?
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April ❤️