We All Have Stories That Do Help Others… If We Are Brave Enough To Share Them 

We all have a story in us. Something we want to say, teach or share.
I have been telling small pieces of my larger story for years, in my marketing, to friends or just in passing.
When I was younger and escaped my family of disfunction (some call that family of origin), I kept my stories hidden. I did not want people to know where I came from.
I was terrified of being seen as the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Abused in all ways imaginable I thought I was permanently broken, worthless.
Years later I started to tell my story to give others hope that they too could recover from whatever limiting beliefs they had, but it still was not quite what I wanted. I was not really helping people the way I wanted to. I wanted to help people on a large scale.
Zoom thru 30 or so years and I found Russell Brunson and learned even more about storytelling.
 In his book, you can get for free HERE,
he explains that everyone is an Expert to someone.
What is really great about this in terms of earning money is that you can build on your expertise and create a business by learning your strengths and how to market them.
While writing my story has been difficult I have vowed to keep moving forward because it is important.
That book has been a labour of love, dedication of time and more emotional than I realized. I have stopped and restarted
more times than I can count.
So I decided to get real with myself.
Decide what it is I am trying to accomplish with this book and then move forward.
What I realized during that process is that I have more than one purpose for telling my story and therefore more than one book in me!
My brain works like this,
          Problem ———-> Solution
     In this case….
          Problem = Overwhelm
          Problem = Too many stories, where do I start?
                            Solution = Step by Step plan
                            Solution = Chose the most important story and start there, set aside the others for now!
Seems pretty simple when I put it down on paper right? From that process came this.
A new commitment to myself.
It is March 10th as I write this. I am am committed to get my first book completed by the end of this Month.
I will keep you posted!
In the meantime, if you want to write a book, I would recommend learning how to sell it first.
That will create excitement to motivate you.
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So back to the book. Your story is important, to someone one somewhere. You have the key that will help people you don’t even know.
So write that book, and learn how to market it, make a difference in the world. You hold the power and the keys to unlock your’s and another’s greatness.
I will check back and let you know how I am doing!