3 Three Values determine how you run your business 

These 3 Values determine how your business is run over time.  They are important at the beginning because you are running blind if you don’t understand what they are for you.

1st of the three Values is your Authentic Personal Values

Your personal values will be reflected in everything you do in your business.  From how you treat your employees to how you price your services.  When thinking about these values, consider this…

                                                – What do you believe in?  

                                                – What kind of world do you want to live in?

                                                – How do you want to be seen in the world?

                                                – What do you offer on top of the expected result of your skill set

                                                – How do you want your customers to feel?

By considering these questions you are unearthing what you already believe.  You will run your business based on these beliefs consciously or unconsciously.  Understanding them will ensure that you build your structure around them and not in opposition to them.

2nd of the three Values is Skill Set

Your skills may or may not be what you would like them to be, I have learned that there is always room for improvement.  What is important to do is get real about what you have to offer to the world right now.

                                      – What do you already know and fully able to deliver?  

                                      – What are your B Skills, you can do but not quite a pro yet?

                                      – What do you know for sure you could deliver in a way no one else                             would?         

                                      – What is it that people are always asking you to do for them?

                                      – What would you do even if you did not get paid for it?

The importance of understanding this value sector is simply that you want to get real about what you can sell in your business.  If you understand your skill set you can find a way to earn money with it.

The 3rd and final of the three Value Sectors is Monetary

Yes, the thing many of us have a love hate relationship with, money!  It is really not that bad once you understand the two preceding values and tie it into this one.  Ask yourself these questions to get a grip on where you are;

                                             1) Level of Expertise, beginner, seasoned or pro?

                                             2) Years of Experience in the market or clients served?

                                             3) What does the market value this skill at?

                                             4) What is your bottom line? The minimum you will do work for?

I understand that the Monetary sector may be a struggle for some but it will determine the difference between success and failure for your business.  If you can’t feed yourself why are you doing it? 

Business is much easier when you understand your underlying motivations.  I garuntee that these 3 sectors are running the show behind the scenes, even if you are not aware of it.

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