3 often overlooked steps of starting an online business 

When we think about starting an online business many things are overlooked.

These “before you start” things are often overlooked when starting out with an online business.   What happens often is that we decide we want an online business then we run off and take a course about dropshipping or marketing or buy into a business model.  There are a few things that you need to know before you do anything, here are 3.  It is important to know the type of person you are and how you like to work as this will determine many things as you move toward creating the ideal working conditions and a business that fits that!

The 1st overlooked step in starting out online

PLAN: You need a plan, how are you going to get your product or service to market?  How will you fund it?  What are your monthly/quarterly/annual goals? How many hours in a day do you need to spend to hit those goals?  What action do you need to take to hit those goals?  Your plan needs to be plotted so that you can move forward toward success without getting side tracked by shiny object syndrome!

Your target market, who are they, cannot be overlooked!

You must figure out who your target market is.  Who needs your product or service, how will they find you?  Knowing your market and better still learning how to figure out your market for anything you decide to sell will serve your long term business goals.This means learning how to dig deeper than “mom’s needs diapers for their babies”, it means learning their language and lingo, where they hang out and what motivates them.  I believe that this causes many a new business person to give up too soon.  Not understanding your market will equal dismal interest in your content and subsequently, your sales will suffer greatly.

Being women, we rarely ask for support!

Support is overlooked and undervalued in our race to success when starting out online. When I first started out I realized that none of my “offline” business friends really understood what I was doing so I often felt stranded on my own island.  I had no one to “run things by” nothing that I could look to to boost my spirit.  There are so many decisions to make when you first start your online business that having a community for support is the most important piece, in particular for women.  We are social beasts!  In building your online business there will come a day that you wake up and wonder “what the hell am I doing this for?”  That will be where your online pals, in your community will come in and remind you of your greatness!We are currently building up our BUSINESS TOOL BOX Facebook group as a way to support women in business.  You can find that here.If you’re looking for tools, tech and tutorials to build your online business, subscribe to my Youtube channel. The content is focused on supporting women getting set up.  I am updating all the time and your requests for what you would like to see are greatly appreciated.Find me on Youtube

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