Resolutions Kill Your Self Confidence 

Yes, resolutions kill your self-confidence!

When I was younger I struggled with resolutions. I would kinda set them, in my head, where no one could see them….then I would try to forget them when I did not reach them. Or worse yet I would beat myself up for being so lazy or unaccomplished!
Resolutions are more or less a way to “daydream” about change rather than actually change something. We set them with the best of intentions, secretly knowing, “no one really follows thru right?” We revel in the conversations with our co-workers in mid-February about what we had not followed thru on!
I was never taught how to get anything in life. I know that now, at 53, had I had children I likely would not have taught them either. Why, because often we don’t know how to get what we want and we can’t teach what we don’t know!
It took me 51 years and a very intense coaching course to teach me how to set goals, declare and fulfill the things I wanted.

The weekend that changed my beliefs

I admit that a little sheepishly as I recall the weekend we were taught that skill in my year-long program. All of the students, coaches in training, sitting around a large table, with 23 people in the group it was pretty easy to hide. I really hid that day, as they pulled out the big wall chart and explained how to reverse engineer a target.
Of course, me all-knowing scoffed and exclaimed how “dumb” this was and wondered aloud why we were wasting an entire day mapping out a goal for a participant. After all her goal was 9 months away and she had it handled!
We spent a good part of the day going over that lesson. As the hours wore on I realized that my ego and defended little girl inside was getting in the way of allowing me to learn this incredibly important skill!
I needed to know how to do this goal-setting stuff if I was going to execute on the life I really wanted! Resolutions had never worked in the past, possibly they had something here?
After that weekend I set out to attain three large goals before the end of my program and while the process was difficult, (my little kid just kept fighting me) I did get them down on paper, real plans.
I did complete on two of the three goals I set out to do so it changed my mind about goal setting. In fact what I had been doing was making wishful resolutions when what I really needed was a plan with attainable goal post and markers, a way to be accountable!

The goal executer

I have since created the goal executer that I share with my clients so that they can see and feel good about the progress! Instead of declaring resolutions and daydreaming about a change, I teach people the art of Declare and Fulfil, after all, that’s what we all want right? To be accomplished in our own lives?
Resolutions erode your self-confidence, get an actual goal setting method in place so that you can track and feel good about your progress!
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