Middle age working women want more 

I have been thinking about those middle-aged working women who want more.

These women dream of creating something more for their livelihood as well as their lives.Today I started a series over on my FB Page, I want to write stories about what I see as the plight of the middle-aged woman.  The one who slaves away for someone else while dreaming of something more for herself.  Plight may be a strong word as it is not all bad news!I fell into that category for many years.  Fear kept me firmly planted in someone else’s office, pushing paper.  Sharing my best ideas and creativity to have it squandered or taken advantage of.  Either way, I wanted more for myself.In the first of the series, I have focused on Amy the administrator.  After raising her kids, while she worked for some guy who’s business she poured much of herself into, and with little hope for improving her retirement years from where she was, starts dreaming of more.

What is the more?

More fun, love, excitement, challenge, money, learning?  They want to write this chapter in a way that gives them self respect and self-love.  Middle age working women want more time to self-nurture and explore all the things they have not had time for while raising their families.   A growing number of women in their 50’s are starting businesses or creating side incomes.

Even while employed women are finding more

Some women, like myself, chose to keep the security of a job while creating their own side hustle.  I started working online in 2017.  I started slowly, although I thought I would create fulltime business faster than I did, I am not sorry I did it that way.  Middle age working women want more time to curate the things they love, for me, it is business and for others, it is other things, like peace and quiet!  More on those women another day, but today I am focused on Amy the administrator.

Amy is the definition of the middle-aged working woman who wants more;

Amy is hard-working, diligent in her job.  She shows up on time and is supportive of her co-workers.  I read an article today out of the UK that talked about women like Amy.   It is not really related other than to make my point about the value of women in this chapter of their lives.  It goes on to say how focused and unruffled, dedicated and loyal these women are.I will be writing more about Amy and others much like her in the coming weeks because there is a lot to be said about working women and the unique challenges we face in middle age.  I want to talk more about how we overcome our fears to create more for our selves in this chapter.