Managing is not Telling ~ Promoting from within 

Over the past 30 years, I have been exposed to a plethora of industries.  As a result, many management types over the years as well.One of the things I have noticed is that good management is an art form.  It is not a natural talent for many, but it can be learned.  Unfortunately for many, the lack of good management has made miserable working conditions.Looking at this in terms of first world problems.  North Americans have been blessed with clean, safe working conditions for the most part.  These conditions, although not perfect, are better than most of the rest of the world.What we lack in many organizations, is good management.  Somewhere along the way, we started promoting from within allowing people to move up the ranks in supervisory roles into management.Promoting from the ranks can be fantastic.  Talented people with experience can be promoted into roles they may have not have landed otherwise.  It also allows organizations to spend less time and resources on new, unseasoned employees.  With the added bonus of being able to offload responsibilities.  Every so often it works out, more often we don’t know how to measure how well it is working out.What we forgot to do, train them and measure performance beyond KPI’sThe downside is the lack of experience many new managers may have with people.  You could have an extremely great employee, knows and performs his job well,  puts in the extra mile, everyone likes him, however; that does not automatically result in getting someone who can manage or supervise a team.  It means you have an excellent employee that could make a great leader with the right training.  Do not confuse the two.What stands out for me is the new supervisor who is so excited to prove their worth that they become less managerial and more dictator.  They quickly alienate their team and set a tone of resentment that will bubble under the surface.  I don’t believe that this is on purpose but more of a reaction to wanting so badly to do a good job.  What must be understood is that most people generally feel some insecurity about their ability to fulfill a new role.  It is important to them that they do a good job.Coming into a leadership role without the appropriate people skills is like trying to stop a flood with a ladle.General insecurity (most of us have that at some point) lack of support, (knowing that you will be allowed to make mistakes) are the top two obstacles for untrained managers.  Not knowing how to lead and get the best out of themselves and their team can impact a company at all levels.Key points to look for.If you have someone in a supervisory role that is just not jelling with their team, management or their position, take a look at their history.  In the most positive light, how did they get the position, was there any training, do they have the support they need?Ask for input from those in their supervision.  Let them know you are looking to support the new manager.  This will not only give you an insight into the training needed but also let your teams know you care.If you are struggling to manage your teams, reach out, we are here to help you synergize your organization.