Is self employment a good fit moving toward mid life? 

I have worked since I was 15 years old therefore it feels like forever at 53!  I have always done pretty much the same things but in very different capacities.  Moving seamlessly from employed to self-employed.As a disclaimer, I should say that I love work, be it for someone else or myself.  I have always wanted a better word for “work” as people seem to have such a negative experience with the word.There are pros and cons to both.  Self-employment offers stability and consistency, albeit without guarantees.  Self-employment can offer better hours.  A job restricts your time like nothing else I have ever found and can be a creativity killer!  Working for yourself can be lonely and inconsistent for your finances.It takes a personal drive to work for yourself.  Successfully self-employed people understand the importance of structure and boundaries.  This can be difficult to achieve if you have never done it before.Is self-employment for you?I personally believe it is for anyone, and it depends on what your needs are.  Are you supporting a family or are you looking to create a little side income?Self-employment can take many shapes and does not need to be an all or nothing proposition.The big midlife switcharoonie!As I neared 50 I realized that I was no longer enjoying the “hours” of regular work so I decided to transition to an online business.  The thought being that I would be able to work more flexible hours and not be location-specific.I have had a dream for many years.  A dream to travel in my RV while working along the way.  I am very close to realizing that dream now.Many women yearn for something more in their lives, being self-employed can support accomplishing that.  As we grow into middle age we become less tolerant to the BS often dished out to us in the “working world”Now I am on a mission to support women in business.  Teaching them how to realize their life, their way.What do you want to create and does your current situation support that?I have zipped up a report on what types of business are the most common online.  Many do not require that you do anything more that use your current skills set and brains to figure out!  It’s a good read if you have no idea what people are doing to earn online.Check that out HEREIf you are interested in some of my brain hacks…cause, I sure had to get outa my own way to take this path!I have 97 short videos, less than 2 minutes and a variety of life hacking topics.Find those HERE on my Youtube channel.As always, please reach out or pop a comment.