How our emotions can and do, affect our bottom line 

I speak to incredibly smart and creative people daily about the struggles with their businesses. The last couple of weeks something has occurred to me.
What I am finding so fascinating about the people that are drawn to me for my services is what they have in common.
They are sitting on greatness, meaning they have a skill or a product or a service and they have some success but not quite what they envisioned
Their business growth has stagnated or has not yet taken off
Typically the people I work with started as soloperneur’s; they learned a bit of the entire picture to get themselves started.
Their business looks, speaks, moves a lot like them
That last bit may seem a bit strange but it is true, how we do anything is how we do everything. When I get on a zoom call with clients to see if we are a fit for business, I find myself just listening and comparing what I hear against I have seen of their business. I have already done a bit of business lurking, checked out their social media, webpages, sales pages so I have some idea of how their business is set up.
What I hear in those conversations is generally a direct reflection of their online presence. Sometimes they know what they need to do but not how to implement. Or they see the issues and are at a loss for solutions.
We as humans get in our own way, we put up roadblocks unconsciously.
Our relationship to our business is like our relationship to our favorite pet. We often see the good bits and shy away from the places that need improvement. You know, “it’s just the mailman he growls at, that’s not too bad, right”? Unconditional love is great until it is not.
We want to be authentic and reflect who we are in our business dealings and this needs work within our core values.
The obstacle this creates is that we also reflect the lest productive of our habits at the same time. We do that when we connect with people, create content, go into sales meetings and build our back end systems, or not! We are putting out how we “do” with what we already know as well as what we are willing to look at.
If we are a bit scattered because our brain is bursting with new ideas every two seconds, that shows up. Our social media will not have a flow or be directed at our tribe, it will fluctuate in messaging, confusing our customers. If we are the type of person who lets laundry pile up until we can’t find the washing machine for the heap in front of it, our business systems will remain undone or just plain old messy. A deep dive into a business will show this is true under the hood, revealing those habits in every aspect of our systems.
Being emotionally attached to our business is a good thing when it is a conscious choice. However; from that place, we can’t always see what needs to change because our unconscious brain is still engaged, setting aside the things we don’t want to acknowledge!
Now I don’t know the science or the big words to explain this but I can speak to my personal experience as well as what I see in the clients I work with.
If you love social media posting and interacting every day, then your feeds will reflect that. If you hate accounting, you won’t have a positive emotional attachment to it and it will likely be a mess.
Confession, time. I don’t love doing my own books but can master a client’s ledgers in no time! Why is that?
I had an emotional attachment to the outcome of my accounting and it was fear. Who likes fear right? My emotional attachment to my client’s success is an acknowledgment, I want that, (and money, let me real here). I love acknowledgment and money so I see their accounting different than my own, my attachment is completely different and shows very different results.
With my clients, I dig in and getter done well! Mine? I used to put off, avoid, pile up and ignore that part of my business becuase I had a history of playing catch up and parting with my saving for income tax hurt so bad!
Did this, in turn, hurt my business? Yes, in so many ways. I was leaking money, missing tax deductions, overpaying for one or two things a year. I was not sure because I was paralyzed by fear but a pro looking over my books saw it all in a hot minute!
Until I identified what I loved, what drove me and what parts I am really good as well as what I am not, my growth was slow and painful. I repeated the same mistakes over and over. I took more training, spent more time wallowing on my lack of success then I did working in my business!
What if you don’t know what’s going on? Your working your butt off and your growth is no better than this time last year? What if you know for sure that you should be doing better than you are?
This is when it is time to look outside your business. You may need a new perspective, a different lens to see your business workings through.
More importantly, one must find and connect to their Superpower! Focus on that and leave the rest to others and their Superpowers.
Being a soloperneur does not mean going it alone, forsaking connection or not getting an expert opinion. Being a soloperneur is about knowing your strenghts and weakness as well as how to work with them.
And yes, this is where I come in. I love business, I love to take a look under the hood and find that leaky hose, rattling bolt and hand off tools while I point to solutions.
Sometimes it’s business and sometimes its a mindset, there are always tools and solutions.
Sometimes people just need to see what I see, grab the solutions and they are off and running. Sometimes they need to hire me to implement some or all of the solutions. In either case, I am just happy to shine some light on those bits that are often missed when your working in the trenches of your business.
This is my superpower and I am dedicated to helping others float whatever boat suits them!
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