The cost of frustration, how to use it to our advantage 

Have you ever stopped to measure the cost of frustration or wondered if it had a purpose for you?

I have spent plenty of time with frustration in my life and never thought much about it until recently.  I have been interviewing women that have been trying to start an online business for themselves.  Sorting out what they need and what they are missing to get their business off the ground once and for all!  Once we move that pesky feeling out of the way.A question I ask is; what feelings come up the most on their journey.  One feeling that was mentioned over and over is frustration.  This got me wondering about frustration and the cost of it as well as sent me looking for the purpose of frustration.

Why are we so frustrated and what does it cost?

Humans are wasting a lot of time frustrated, either by external or internal forces.  The external annoyances are different than the internal frustration and often more manageable because we can see the external for what it is much more quickly.  Internal frustration is a little more tricky as it forces you to look a little deeper.  Aside from loss of time, frustration is doing some pretty solid internal damage to our psyche.  Ongoing frustration can cause depression, anger, stress, resentment and overall irritability.  Continued frustration can cause a person to resign to the feelings and give up on their life, dreams, or in this case, their desired business goals.

What frustration is

I thought I was just easily annoyed by life and it challenges, which is somewhat true.  Once I started digging into the subject I quickly recognised what was behind the frustration.  I found this great article that explains it well, “Frustration is experienced whenever the results (goals) you are expecting do not seem to fit the effort and action you are applying. Frustration will occur whenever your actions are producing less and fewer results than you think they should.”

How do we find the upside?

This part became really clear when I realized where my frustration was coming from.  What a gift, because having this knowledge allows me to slow down, acknowledge the frustration and the cost of it and make a different choice.  If frustration is about my results and goals, then I just need to adjust them to fit where I am!  Goals have always been a challenge for me, no wonder I have been getting frustrated!  I have always been able to power on but at a great cost to many other things and people in my life.

How this to our advantage?

As with many things, the key is awareness.  Acknowledge the frustration, take a look at where it is most likely coming from and ask yourself a few questions:
  • Is this thing, or goal realistic for me in this moment, given all the factors involved?
  • Can I create a reasonable milestone for myself connected to this object of my frustration?
  • Am I comparing myself to someone else?
Using those questions you will be able to look at the situation more objectively.  But for the love of Pete, be honest with yourself!  If you are trying to build a 6 figure business and only working an hour a day, you will be frustrated often!

Use frustration like a tool to get the upside and cut down on the cost

The subconscious drives humans through limiting beliefs as well as our past and current environment. Anything that forces us to slow down and see the inner motivation can be used as a tool for our self development.  That in turn allow us to create our lives in a way that supports further development, which will help us create the life we really want.Find me on Youtube for more life and business hacks!

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