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Start at the beginning

Where and how to begin your first online business

I could see all these strangers online with their perfect teeth and tidy color-coded office spaces making perfectly edited videos, (a skill I have yet to master).  All I could think was, WTH are they selling.  Come to learn many years later that the wrapping was pretty much all many of them had.  Loads of people online were not doing anything.  Yes, of course, there were many doing well but not as many as I thought!

Working women

Middle age working women want more

These women dream of creating something more for their livelihood as well as their lives.
Today I started a series over on my FB Page, I want to write stories about what I see as the plight of the middle-aged woman.  The one who slaves away for someone else while dreaming of something more for herself.  Plight may be a strong word as it is not all bad news!