Busy? Really? 

What is it about busy?
We are either all busy or making busy or using busy. I am not entirely sure but I do hear this a lot from so many people!
Me “how are you” them “so busy” generally accompanied by a large eye roll and or a deep sigh.
I think we need to redefine either our lives or how we talk about them.
Are we really that busy or does it just make us feel important or worthy to say it all the time?
My days are generally full, and in moments they can be busy but it seems to me that the word busy has become a catch-all. I am starting to hear something different when I hear “busy”.
It is really out of noticing when I am saying I am “busy”. What I have observed from myself is that I use it more as a “go away” comment, in other words…. “do not ask me to do one more thing”. Or I am actually in the middle of something so “ not right now” would be a better reply.
Over and over thru the day, I hear this from people, “I am so busy” but it seems more like a complaint than an accomplishment.
Lacking in formal education, I went to the dictionary to look into this busy business!
adjective having a great deal to do.
“he had been too busy to enjoy himself” verb
         1. keep occupied
Having a great deal to do, that might make someone feel important. I sometimes find myself explaining all that needs to be done. I am not sure why I do that but it is worth paying attention to for sure!
Keep occupied, now that is something I see a lot of, not something I engage in. I am either full speed ahead or full stop. (nothing to be proud of, just an observation).
In business, one has to pay attention to the time suckers, be it people, tasks that could be done by someone else or the things that take our focus off of what really matters.
We may also want to watch both our “busy” behavior as well as talk. The busier we tell ourselves and others we are are, the less room we leave for possibilities beyond our stressed out, full up, busyness!
I challenge you to go for a whole day and not use the word busy, just observe when you want to use it. What is underneath all the busy for you?