New year, new comparisons

What a difference 6 months can make!

Growing up I saw my parents struggle. With everything from money to relationships and jobs. My siblings and I would be sent off to school at beginning of year without all or any of our supplies. I recall getting clothing hand me downs from the mean girl in my school because our parents were friends. I know that as a kid it bothered me and sometimes was down right humiliating. I overheard many arguments between my parents more often than not, about money.

Busy? Really?

We are either all busy or making busy or using busy. I am not entirely sure but I do hear this a lot from so many people! Me “how are you” them “so busy” generally accompanied by a large eye roll and or a deep sigh.

How our emotions can and do, affect our bottom line

I speak to incredibly smart and creative people daily about the struggles with their businesses. The last couple of weeks something has occurred to me. What I am finding so fascinating about the people that are drawn to me for my services is what they have in common.

We All Have Stories That Do Help Others… If We Are Brave Enough To Share Them

We all have a story in us. Something we want to say, teach or share. I have been telling small pieces of my larger story for years, in my marketing, to friends or just in passing.

Joy Hides ~ Offer conduites for it to come forward

My time is always tight. I generally like to work on Sunday to get prepared for the week. Today was no different, I got up made coffee and dug into work. When a text interrupted me I found myself longing to be outside, it was a warm -6 today after the frigid -19 of last week, a welcome change. The sun was high and bright in the sky. I finally shut my laptop and headed off to the river front park for a quick bit of fresh air.

I have to come from a better place if I expect a better world

Sunday is my day, or part of the day to do my running about, getting supplies for the week ahead. I generally enjoy this time, the prep, the excitement of starting a new week prepared.

Words Create Reality. Understanding the importance of Language

I think about language all the time, my own and others. Daily I am confronted with words in a way that makes me wonder where people have come from 

Resolutions Kill Your Self Confidence

When I was younger I struggled with resolutions. I would kinda set them, in my head, where no one could see them….then I would try to forget them when I did not reach them. Or worse yet I would beat myself up for being so lazy or un accomplished!

Resilience may not be as helpful as you think.

It sounds pretty good right? The ability to bounce back into shape, recover quickly who doesn’t want to be a bit elastic?