The cost of frustration, how to use it to our advantage

I have spent plenty of time frustrated in my life and never thought much about it until recently.  I have been interviewing women that have been trying to start an online business for themselves.  Sorting out what they need and what they are missing to get their business off the ground once and for all!

Starting out online

3 often overlooked steps of starting an online business

When we think about starting an online business many things are overlooked. Here are the 3 that are imperative to understand!

Contracting as a Business

New World ~ Contracting as a Business

If you think about contracting work you may think it is only for some jobs.   You can do almost anything via contracting to ensure you have the security and flexibility that you need in this new world.

Figure out your skills

Your Marketable Business Skills

It can be a challenge when you're looking at yourself trying to figure out what skills you have that would be marketable. What could you sell online or elsewhere that would help you create an income that is sustainable?

Your Values

3 Three Values determine how you run your business

Business is much easier when you understand your underlying motivations.  I guarantee that these 3 sectors are running the show behind the scenes, even if you are not aware of it.

Start at the beginning

Where and how to begin your first online business

I could see all these strangers online with their perfect teeth and tidy color-coded office spaces making perfectly edited videos, (a skill I have yet to master).  All I could think was, WTH are they selling.  Come to learn many years later that the wrapping was pretty much all many of them had.  Loads of people online were not doing anything.  Yes, of course, there were many doing well but not as many as I thought!

woman on park

Why going with your gut works in business and life

As a contractor, I have worked with many different people and businesses.  When I listen, my gut always has the right answer for me in business as well as life. 


Bootstrapping for business, when do you do it?

Bootstrapping is familiar to new business owners because the beginning is when you do it the most.  To bootstrap is to start a business with little or no capital.  It can even mean just using your own capital.

Starting out online

What you need to know to start online

Starting out online can be daunting but not if you know the basics!I recall when I first started out.  I knew almost no tech, had no clue what people where doing or how to start.   There was another obstacle I noticed right off, my age.