Hi, I'm April,

I have many talents but one in particular, that many lack. Tenacity, and lots of it.

I know this probably sounds kinda cheeky. Cheeky, yes but it is also the truth.

30+ years using my skills to organize, hire people, and build better teams. As well as, create systems that work, for a multitude of business taught me a few things.

The first, I am a talented Operations Pro. The second, there is a market out there for my skills that does not include the traditional 9-5 schedule.

Many skills, and years of experience that companies need is another asset. It is possible to create a life that works for me. Along with the ability to choose who I worked for and what it looked like.

Giving away my skills by the hour was not the only way. So what does a woman with years of experience in all kinds of business and a wide variety of skills do with all of it?

Create something out of the box, out of the norm. It does not look like anything else because it is my passion expressed through my work. 

The obstacle is the way, I will show you the obstacle, then I will plan you through them, step by step.

It is my belief that we are living in a new age. Now is the time to figure out what we are good. Then find the people who need us .

I work my own business as well as support other women in creating their life, in their way.

Women who were out there working their buts off for bosses who did not appreciate their value. I coach those that can not see their own value, recognise their superpower.

I am creating programs that support those women who want to build a solid side hustle or an entire business. I coach, consult and take contract work. 

In this new age we are entering in to, I am using my skills to help other reach their goals while I reach mine.

My skills are varied but my clients are the same. They are women who need help, starting, building or organizing their business to build their futures!

April Choose with Heart ❤️ Move with purpose 

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