Think You May Have

Something Holding

You Back?

Often It Is What We

Don't See That Is

So Destructive!

Life passes quickly

Before you know it, most of it is gone by

You think, wish, dream, make plans and work hard, and yet, you still end up in the same pattern doing the same thing with the same results.

Why is that?

You have underlying programing that is running the show...

without any of things you don't want to do


To Successfully


The fastest and most cost effective way to create calm in your life is to create a plan.

Once you download this planner you will be prompted to work on getting your goals

down and understanding what to implement to get them!

As an owner of this planner you will also be invited to specific mastermind sessions to

implement and create what you desire in your life this year

Our subconscious runs the show. 95% of everything we do comes via the subconscious brain that was created in early life. I do not

advocate going down the road of the "why"!

I did that for over 30 years in therapy and made very little progress.

Not to say therapy does not have a place, it does, but that is not what this is.

I spent most of my life believing my brain was broken,

I was not like other people!

How could I have such great intentions, put in the work and end up

right back where I started?

When I learned about the subconscious machine that was running

my life, I began my journey to reframing those beliefs.

Only then did I come to accept that I was not broken, I was not stuck

or less worthy of my goals than anyone else.

As the awareness grew and the reframing continued, my

life changed automatically as a result.

It does not need to be hard, or a time sucking process.

It does not even need to be emotional.

When you learn to look at what you are doing to yourself in an objective way, there is not right or wrong just things to shift.

Maturing those beliefs into what we now need to move forward is

how we change our lives

"It does not matter what your life experience has been,

what matters is what you do with your life moving forward"

MEET april

After leaving an extremely abusive home at 15 years

old with a grade 8 education....

I quickly learned that in order to survive I

needed to get some skills and fast!

But skills was not all I needed......


1 ON 1





1 ON 1


Understanding why you do what you do and end up in the same place over and over is fundamental to changing beliefs so you can get where you want to be in life!

This personal mentoring will support you in getting clear on where you want to be and identify the "how" you can get there! This is 1 on 1 and comes with accountability and personalized strategies.

Deep dive into your limiting beliefs with other women who are struggling with the same things you are.

Clear the path to growing your business & fine tuning your life in this focused Mastermind!

This is a skill building program that will allow you to create what you really want, not what your limiting beliefs think you should have. Inside work with outside results!

What good is having a superpower or a skill to teach if you can't exchange it

for MONEY!

Sales is a fundamental skill that everyone needs to have to create success in their

LIFE & Business! Sales is just a conduite to offering solutions. Sales is used in many places, not just for business. If you understand sales you will never have to worry about income.



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I am not a therapist. All the information and exercises you find on this site are the things I have learned through my own healing journey.

I continue to study the human brain, neuroplasticity and human habits as I repair my and rebuild my

own belief system from a traumatic childhood.